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Modern Release of Information And Care Coordination Platform

What is ChartRequest?

ChartRequest is a medical software company that extends the functionality of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems to include the compliant exchange of medical records.


What We Do

We empower healthcare providers to electronically request, receive, and send health information in a simple, secure, efficient, cost-effective, and HIPAA-compliant manner.

How We Help You

Our software frees up staff time, improves the patient experience, increases revenue by providing a streamlined billing system, and helps eliminate technical and compliance issues.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange Software

Our platform streamlines electronic health information exchange—so your staff can easily request or retrieve medical records. We also provide an app that empowers your patients to view the status of their records in real time – that means better care, fewer administrative costs, and a superior patient experience.

Health Information Exchange Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Leverage a modern, agile software platform to coordinate care and release records to third parties – learn about the difference with ChartRequest. Increased efficiency. Improved care coordination. A better patient experience. It’s all possible with ChartRequest. 

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