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Medical Records Retrieval for Lawyers and Law Firms

ChartRequest is the #1 medical records retrieval software and services solution for lawyers and law firms. We have thousands of healthcare providers in our network with fast turnaround times, and our streamlined workflows help significantly expedite request fulfillment for legal practices.
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New! Automate Record Retrieval With CaseBinder Full-Service!

Medical record retrieval for law firms is a common challenge, and some legal teams prefer a hands-off approach to accessing crucial client records. For these firms, CaseBinder Full-Service is the perfect solution.
Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

Save an Average of 26-36% on Client Medical Record Retrieval

If your law firm still handles medical record retrieval in-house with traditional methods of request submission and manual follow-up processes, you may be significantly overpaying for client records!
With CaseBinder Full-Service, our medical record retrieval experts can handle the entire process for a $50 fixed flat retrieval + download fee to help you save an average of $37.50 on labor costs per record!

Our CaseBinder Full-Service Partners Enjoy:

  • Automation Throughout the Medical Record Retrieval Process
  • Accurate, Compliant Pricing With Our Best-Price Algorithm
  • Access to 5-Day Retrieval From Full-Service Healthcare Providers
  • White-Glove Service From Our Industry-Leading Support Team
  • Simplified Compliance for Medical Records At-Rest and In-Transit
  • And Much More

Find Out Why Our Support Team Is Rated 4.8/5 Stars on Google With Over 800 Reviews!

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Effortlessly Submit Bulk Record Requests for Easier Auditing

When it comes to medical records retrieval, there’s nothing worse than when fulfillment delays on the provider’s side impact your case.
We understand how important prompt turnaround is to you and your clients, so we work hard to keep our average turnaround time for Full-Service providers below 2 days with a 5-day guarantee.
In addition to leading the industry in turnaround times, we make it easy to get real-time status updates online anytime to keep you in the loop. With Full-Service, we can even track down records for you!
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Reduce Administrative Costs of Medical Records Retrieval

Medical records retrieval is notoriously burdensome for lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals, so we’ve revolutionized the process.
Our easy-to-use workflows eliminate the most time-consuming hassles to help your team spend less time on each request. Also, law firms can submit multiple requests for client records at the same time.
By reducing the time cost of medical records retrieval, your legal team can spend more time on tasks that matter most for client success.
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Boost Medical Records Retrieval Management for Your Firm

When using outdated methods of requesting client records, it can be challenging to keep track of what’s coming in and what’s going out. ChartRequest gives your law firm the tools to change this issue.
Tools to ease medical records retrieval for law firms include:
  • Task Manager to schedule and assign important tasks to your team,
  • Automated Request Cadences to standardize request follow up,
  • Digital Rolodex to retain important information about your contacts.
Want to save even more time? Ask about Full-Service automation.
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From releasing protected health information (PHI) to coordinating care, ChartRequest offers healthcare providers and businesses a secure platform for medical records exchange.
Request a demo for our health information exchange software—and see how we’ll make sharing medical records efficient, convenient, and compliant.

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