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Medical Records Retrieval for Health and Life Insurance

ChartRequest is the #1 medical records retrieval software and services solution for health and life insurance companies. We have thousands of healthcare providers in our network with fast turnaround times, and our streamlined workflows help significantly expedite request fulfillment.
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Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

Effortlessly Submit Bulk Record Requests for Easier Auditing

Health and life insurance companies have unique record retrieval needs for auditing purposes, and these needs call for a unique solution.
When your insurance company needs hundreds or even thousands of medical records for each audit, submitting each request individually would cost immense staffing hours and skyrocket overhead costs.
That’s why ChartRequest has developed an easy-to-use bulk submission process to help health and life insurance companies get patient records.
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Access Powerful Reports and Real-Time Status Updates

Whether an audit deadline is 30 days or 90 days, being able to see the fulfillment progress is an essential part of bulk request management.
ChartRequest RecordGateway makes it easy for insurance companies to review bulk request progress and access comprehensive reports, including itemized receipts of each individual’s request fulfillment status.
Helping your team stay on top of bulk requests, invoice breakdowns, and other key info is one of many ways ChartRequest has you covered.
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Achieve Fast Turnaround Times With Our Experts on Your Side

Whether your bulk request require a couple hundred records or several thousand, our team of retrieval experts can reliably achieve your goals.
For example, a major insurance company recently submitted a pull list of 5,000 records with a turnaround deadline of 90 days. The record retrieval experts at ChartRequest fulfilled their request in just 10 days.
RecordGateway facilitates lightning-fast turnaround times for health and life insurance companies across the country, and we can help you too.
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Retrieve Bulk Medical Records With Convenient File Structures

When your health or life insurance company gets thousands of medical records, your team doesn’t want to spend hours adjusting file names.
To solve this common challenge, RecordGateway provides requested records in a simple, uniform file naming convention that makes them easy to locate and utilize within your system for auditing purposes.
We’re also dedicated to continuously improving the medical record retrieval process, and we’d love to hear any ideas you may have.
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Do You Have a Tech-Savvy Team? Dive Even Deeper With Our API

Utilizing the ChartRequest application programming interface (API) helps your health or life insurance company reach unprecedented levels of control and functionality within our record retrieval solution.
Customizing your API is safe and easy with:
  • A Separate Sandbox Environment
  • Comprehensive API Documentation
  • White-Glove, Omnichannel Support
  • And More!
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From releasing protected health information (PHI) to coordinating care, ChartRequest offers healthcare providers and businesses a secure platform for medical records exchange.
Request a demo for our health information exchange software—and see how we’ll make sharing medical records efficient, convenient, and compliant.

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