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Referral Management

Decrease Referral Leakage and Increase Collaboration with Referral Management Software
Referral Management

Create Smooth Transitions of Care

When it comes to supporting value-based care initiatives, successful referrals are vital. Create smooth transitions of care with the right healthcare referral management software. At ChartRequest, we understand how complicated medical records exchange can be. We make it easy to efficiently and securely exchange patient health information. Schedule a demo.

Support Initiatives to Reduce Referral Leakage

Requesting medical records is vital to your operations as a health insurance company. From workers’ compensation claims to chronic-condPositive patient outcomes depend on all providers having access to critical patient health information. However, inefficient workflows for health information exchange can easily result in frustrated patients and high referral leakage. With ChartRequest, you’ll gain an EMR-agnostic, interoperable platform that shortens turnaround times for records request fulfillment. Tap into our network of providers, and quickly exchange medical records through our HIPAA-compliant software.ition care, insurance companies require numerous medical records—daily. Obtain records quickly and accurately with our medical information retrieval software. ChartRequest offers a complete enterprise solution for health insurance companies—facilitating swift fulfillment and secure, HIPAA-compliant records release.

Proactively Request Records from Referring Providers

Avoid gaps in patient care due to medical record delays. Our healthcare referral management software empowers your organization to proactively request records at the time of the referral. In turn, your organization can reduce referral wait times for patients—improving quality of care and patient satisfaction. Learn more about how ChartRequest makes the release of information convenient.

Increase Efficiency

Scale referral volume while improving turnaround times and expediting your reimbursements. Our automated workflows streamline health information exchange, shortening the time between request and release. You’ll also gain real-time visibility into your organization’s referral management process with ChartRequest’s enterprise dashboard. Not to mention, your requestors and patients can check the status of their records online—which means fewer office calls and more operational efficiency.

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