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Executive Role

Support a Better Patient Experience While Reducing Administrative Costs
Executive Role

Streamlined Health Information Exchange

As a healthcare executive, medical record requests create a competing priority. Increase operational efficiency while meeting stakeholder needs with ChartRequest—a release of information technology easily implemented with little resources required from your IT department. Our HIPAA-compliant platform cuts expenses while streamlining health information exchange—empowering your organization to reallocate your staff to mission-critical tasks and better serve patients.
Reduce Admin Costs

Reduce Administrative Costs and Overhead

Put an end to costly status updates and reduce administrative expenses—such as printing records, mailing documents, and burning CDs. ChartRequest software creates a streamlined workflow. All actions, such as patient authorizations and record requests, are submitted and fulfilled electronically. ChartRequest also drastically decreases the time your staff spends answering questions on the status of medical records being processed. Your organization can simply redirect requestors to real-time updates available online, freeing your staff for more productive, patient-centric tasks. The result? Blazing turnaround times, accelerated reimbursement, and improved cash flows.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Empower your patients to easily request their records and monitor their progress. From the convenience of their computer—or even cell phone—patients can retrieve their records from your healthcare organization. In turn, ChartRequest will digitally process their requests, reducing turnaround times with automated workflows. When it comes to monitoring the status of requests, your patient population can also gain real-time visibility into the release of information process. With a few clicks, any patient can view the status of a request—reducing the likelihood of unnecessary phone calls or office visits.
Improve Care
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Stay HIPAA-Compliant

No longer worry about unauthorized disclosures. The ChartRequest platform is SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA-compliant—eliminating potential missteps from mailing, faxing or emailing protected health information. In addition, ChartRequest generates a full audit trail for each patient record. No matter the date, time, user, IP address, or action taken—our platform provides a detailed history of every record request for full transparency and accountability.

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