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Save Time, Streamline Processes, and Improve Moral by Electronically Exchanging Medical Records


Streamline Processes and Improve Overall Efficiency

Streamline administrative medical records management. At ChartRequest, we take both very seriously—just like you. We’re here to help you simplify the administrative tasks involved in medical records management and the release of information while staying compliant. The result? Increased security, improved efficiency, and better communication for you and your organization.

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Simplify Medical Records Management

Overseeing medical records management can be complicated. The good news is, our cloud-based platform simplifies the release of medical information—making life easier on patients and providers. Leverage our platform to consolidate records requests, and stay compliant.

Enjoy More Time for Critical Projects

Answering phone calls. Responding to emails. Talking with patients in person. Sometimes medical records management involves hours of unnecessary communication. Use ChartRequest’s online tracking to reduce time-consuming status updates so you have more time for critical projects.

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Stay Compliant and Efficient

Prove your organization’s HIPAA compliance with a digital audit trail for each request. You’ll also keep tabs on request turnarounds to hold providers accountable for their response times. Discover how to collaborate with other providers through ChartRequest.