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Our Mission: Transform Health Information Exchange with Technology for Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis and Care

Secure, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective health information exchange.
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We Take Care of Providers So They Can Take Care of Patients​

ChartRequest is a global medical software company that extends the functionality of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) systems to include the compliant exchange of medical records. From the release of information to medical record retrieval, we empower healthcare providers to electronically request and receive health information—in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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A Leader in Health in Medical Records Exchange

Quickly and compliantly sharing medical records is vital in an era of value-based care. Your information exchange workflows can positively, or negatively, impact patient outcomes and organizational well-being. When it comes to health information technology companies, ChartRequest is changing how organizations exchange patient records.

We Partner to expand the impact of partner organizations.

Over the years we at ChartRequest have cultivated strategic relationships with other respected health information companies. This includes integrations with electronic health records (EHR) systems and alliances with technology companies that use innovation to enhance or distribute our healthcare information release solution. We are also active in a number of professional associations and medical societies and have an expanding reseller network. If you are interested in becoming a ChartRequest partner, use the contact form below. If you are looking for the Partner Rep. Registration form click here!


Our Partners

From hospitals to patients, we're making medical record exchange better for everyone!

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Healthcare Providers

Find a release of information platform that supports your triple-aim goals. At ChartRequest, we make it easy to exchange health information—while lowering costs and improving the patient experience. Go here if you’re a healthcare provider.


Other Organizations

Discover a health information technology company that understands your need for efficient record retrieval. ChartRequest also supports other organizations that need access to patient records, such as life insurance companies and law firms. Click here if you’re an organization that isn’t in



If you’re a patient, finding your medical records—and sharing them with your care team—isn’t always simple. When it comes to your health records, you’ll find ChartRequest makes your life a little easier. Discover what’s possible with the ChartRequest app.

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