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Medical records retrieval is a complicated and time-consuming process that often requires additional action to ensure a timely return. When you are gathering medical documentation for your law firm, the last thing you want to do is get stuck waiting.

Whether you retrieve medical charts for your firm personally or delegate the task to your staff, the task can still be a burden. These are the top five reasons our law firm users decided to seek our medical records retrieval services.

1: Save Time and Money

The primary reason for a law firm to enlist our services is the potential time, money, and energy saved. With our active retrieval subscription, you only need to submit your request through our platform and we’ll take care of the rest. This will save you the effort of:

  • Assembling the forms and information required: With ChartRequest, you can easily send an authorization form to your client’s email address or cell phone to quickly electronically sign and return. 
  • Double-checking fax numbers or email addresses: Requests can be delayed if you use outdated or incorrect contact information, potentially leaving you unaware until you call for a status update. With our software, you don’t need to find a facility’s contact information to submit a request. 
  • Calling the facility to check that a request has been received: We can send text or email notifications after each step of the request fulfillment. Additionally, with our provider chat function built into each request, you won’t need to pick up a phone.
  • Calling to request a status update: You can check the status of any request within moments of signing in to the app. We will also automatically send reminders to the providers processing our active retrieval clients’ requests, urging them to respond to the request as quickly as possible.
  • Reviewing records to ensure the correct ones were sent: Our quality assurance process ensures that your records will be accurate, and our customer service team is quick to respond to any issues.

All of these processes are essential, and you can save countless hours by outsourcing them to record retrieval companies like ChartRequest. Time is money, and the staff hours currently spent on inefficient medical records retrieval methods could be better spent preparing to represent your clients.

2: Additional Services

With over 15,000 legal professionals utilizing our services, ChartRequest understands the needs of our clients. We want you to have easy access to any extra services you could need. Our wide range of offerings include the following:

  • Record Certification
  • Witness Fee
  • Notarize Records
  • Medical Images
  • Deposition Forms
  • Affidavit
  • Archived Records Search
  • Disability Form
  • Film Breakdown
  • FMLA Form(s)

3: Line of Communication

When awaiting completion of your medical records requests for legal matters, calling for status updates can take a long time. Hearing out any preliminary messages, navigating automated directories, and waiting for the organization to look up the details of your request is tedious.

With ChartRequest, you can check the status of your medical records requests within seconds of signing in to your account. Also, we can send real-time notifications directly to your phone or email address.

Additionally, you can send any further information or questions directly to the provider with our chat function. You don’t need to worry about the facility missing your call or losing your message with ChartRequest.

4: Improve Accuracy

When medical records requests are fulfilled, complications can easily arise due to human error. Whether the facility retrieves records from the wrong date range or patient file, this mistake can cause major delays. It can be incredibly frustrating putting in the time to place the request, check the status throughout processing, and spend money on the facility’s retrieval fees, only for the records to be useless.

With our impeccable quality assurance standards and double QA process, you can trust that requests fulfilled with ChartRequest are accurate. Our platform is not only HIPAA compliant, but it helps countless healthcare professionals avoid potential security weaknesses and HIPAA violations. Ensuring the safety of protected health information is among our top priorities.

5: Get Records Sooner

HHS requires HIPAA-covered entities to fulfill release of information requests within 30 days of receiving the request. This time is doubled if they take an extension, but there’s no room for delays when it comes to the legal system.

With ChartRequest’s streamlined workflow, it’s easy for healthcare providers to securely upload electronic health records to fulfill requests. They’ll never misplace your request, and the direct line of communication reduces the time required to resolve many issues. As a result, this will reduce the turnaround time for your medical chart retrieval efforts.

Additionally, records requests to providers who outsource their ROI management to ChartRequest can usually be fulfilled within a week. If that’s still too long, we offer law firms a 48-hour rush request service for those providers. Providers outside our network may take a little longer, but our expert staff and streamlined software help reduce processing times.

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