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Whether you’re a single attorney practice or a multi-location law firm, CaseBinder is purpose-built to streamline the retrieval of client records with unmatched transparency, powerful reporting, and a streamlined request process.
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CaseBinder for Law Firms

ChartRequest for Legal Professionals

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Request Clients’ Medical Records in Minutes

Casebinder is our purpose-built solution for legal professionals, and it revolutionizes the way paralegals and attorneys request, retrieve, and retain medical, imaging, and billing records.

CaseBinder Partnership Options to Fit Your Needs

CaseBinder is a purpose-built solution to streamline the secure, compliant retrieval of client medical, imaging, and billing records.
We understand that your needs may vary based on your law firm’s size, staffing, and other factors, so we’ve tailored our solutions to fit your firm’s needs.

What Can CaseBinder Do for You?

With more than a decade of experience helping law firms across the country, we’ve developed systems that ensure the highest degree of security, speed, and simplicity throughout the retrieval of medical, billing, and imaging records.
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Boost Retrieval Turnaround Times

CaseBinder helps law firms submit requests in just a couple minutes, and ChartRequest helps healthcare professionals handle requests promptly and efficiently.

This means faster fulfillment of client records, and requests submitted to our Full-Service custodian partners are covered by our 5-Day Turnaround Time Guarantee for industry-leading speed and efficiency.

30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time

Free Your Team for Other Tasks

CaseBinder, our purpose-built retrieval solution for legal professionals, is designed to streamline the process to help your team save more than 2 hours per request.

By minimizing the administrative burdens associated with the quick retrieval of clients’ medical records, your team can reallocate that time to prioritize more impactful and fulfilling responsibilities.
Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year

Keep Your Team Off the Phone

One of the most common complaints we hear from legal professionals about records retrieval is the number of tedious phone calls necessary to prompt fast turnaround.
CaseBinder enables your team to access real-time status updates online 24/7, so they no longer need to pick up a phone and wait through automated phone directories in order to understand request progress!
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

What Do Our Partners Think?

There’s a reason ChartRequest has achieved an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google with over 850 reviews!

What Happens After the Form Fill?

When you provide your information using the form on this page, you may set up a free, no-commitment consultation so a ChartRequest expert can assess your ROI needs and help you find a solution you need that fits your budget.

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Step 1

Our team will reach out to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you may schedule a consultation by using the calendar that appears after submitting this form.

Step 2

During this conversation, a member of our team will ask questions to assess your ROI needs, such as:
  • What EMR system do you use?
  • How many requests do you get per month on average?
  • How do you handle the release of information today?

Step 3

We’ll provide a recommendation based on your organization’s unique ROI needs and answer any questions you may have about ChartRequest.
As guardians of sensitive information, we will never sell nor share your data.

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