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Whether you’re a single attorney practice or a multi-location law firm, CaseBinder is purpose-built to streamline the retrieval of client records with unmatched transparency, powerful reporting, and a streamlined request process.
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This helps us estimate your ratio of Billable vs. Non-Billable Requests
How Many Doctors Provide Patient Care in Your Organization
This helps us estimate your current ROI staffing needs
This helps us estimate your current ROI staffing needs
This helps us estimate the average salary of ROI staff in your area

Beat Your Deadlines With Faster Turnaround Times for Record

Rising costs of staffing, ever-expanding regulatory requirements, and modern demands for balancing budgets with care quality have healthcare leaders seeking creative ways to reduce costs.
With a 5-Day turnaround time guarantee, white glove support for all requestors, and the #1 highest rating on Google across the entire industry, ChartRequest may be the answer.

89% of our partners never pay.

In addition to leading the industry in turnaround times, we make it easy to get real-time status updates online anytime to keep you in the loop. With Full-Service, we can even track down records for you!
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Never Pay For Full-Service? How Does That Work?

ChartRequest is purpose-built to reduce the average time for fulfilling requests for medical, imaging, and billing records by 90% or more.
Our compliance experts work tirelessly to ensure quick, secure, and accurate retrieval for every request.
Your organization can reduce costs of hiring and training, while enabling your existing staff to spend more time focusing on other impactful tasks!
Our streamlined processes, dedicated retrieval specialists, and 99%+ average collection rate enable us to keep costs low enough for billable requests to offset 100% of the costs for 89% of our partners.
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What Happens When I Submit the ROI Cost Savings Calculator?

As privacy and security leaders, we take our role in protecting your data seriously. We will never sell or distribute the information you enter here or anywhere else on our platform. 
We’ll take you to a private page with your results and email you a copy after submission. From there, you can set up your zero-dollar consultation.
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What If I Want to Keep My Current Team Structure?

If you want to keep your release of information staff in their current roles or want to maintain more control over the process, we’ll pay you to release records on ChartRequest with a no-cost Self-Service partnership.
Calculating compliant prices for the release of information can be a major headache based on your state regulations, but our 300+ Best Price Algorithms automate the billing process and make sure you get paid.
With a 99% or higher average collection rate and a provider-leaning revenue share system, you get a free software solution and a check every [Month? 3 Months?]. 
Join the future of records exchange today with a no-commitment consultation.
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