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When your health or life insurance company needs bulk medical records for risk adjustment, auditing, or other essential purposes, RecordGateway can help you beat compliant turnaround times and monitor bulk request fulfillment in real-time.
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RecordGateway for Payors

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Request Bulk Medical Records in Minutes

RecordGateway is our purpose-built solution for Insurance professionals, and it revolutionizes the way payors request and track bulk medical, imaging, and billing records.

RecordGateway Partnership Options

RecordGateway is a purpose-built solution to streamline the secure, compliant retrieval of bulk medical, imaging, and billing records.
We understand that your needs may vary based on your company’s size, staffing, and other factors, so we’ve tailored our solutions to fit your needs.

What Can RecordGateway Do for You?

With more than a decade of experience helping law firms across the country, we’ve developed systems that ensure the highest degree of security, speed, and simplicity throughout the retrieval of medical, billing, and imaging records.
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Ensure Compliant Turnaround Times

When you submit a bulk records request for auditing or risk assessment purposes, your insurance company could be kept waiting if the custodian faces fulfillment issues.
With RecordGateway, custodians are empowered with our streamlined, compliant release of information solution and/or a team of ChartRequest experts ready to expedite the exchange of medical records.
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time

Access Real-Time Status Updates

RecordGateway provides bulk request fulfillment insights, enabling your team to instantly understand retrieval progress for each request without phone calls.

At a glance, RecordGateway provides information about how many requests are pending, completed, abandoned, and incomplete, so your team can effortlessly monitor efficiency and estimate when the request will be fulfilled.
Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year

Bulk Records Retrieval the Way You Like

When your team receives hundreds or thousands of medical records in bulk, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on formatting and file preparation.
That’s why RecordGateway enables your team to select your preferred transfer protocol, a file naming convention, and download itemized or bulk invoices.
For even greater customization, try RecordGateway API.
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

What Happens After the Form Fill?

When you provide your information using the form on this page, you may set up a free, no-commitment consultation so a ChartRequest expert can assess your ROI needs and help you find a solution you need that fits your budget.

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Our team will reach out to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you may schedule a consultation by using the calendar that appears after submitting this form.

Step 2

During this conversation, a member of our team will ask questions to assess your retrieval needs, such as:
  • Your Average Bulk Request Size.
  • Average Number of Bulk Requests Per Month.
  • Your Preferred File Transfer Protocol and Other Preferences.

Step 3

We’ll answer any questions you may have, discuss our Trusted Provider Network, and provide next steps.
As guardians of sensitive information, we will never sell nor share your data.

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