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Schedule a Consultation to See the #1 Records Exchange Solution For Healthcare Organizations!

Whether you’re a single provider facility or an organization that spans across state lines, ChartRequest is here to streamline the exchange of medical, imaging, and billing records with our innovative software and services solution.
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ChartRequest for Healthcare Professionals

ChartRequest for Healthcare Professionals

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Retrieve and Release Records With Ease

The days of fax machine frustrations, snail mail failure, and endless status update phone calls are coming to an end.
Healthcare professionals across the country are switching to ChartRequest for an electronic solution that streamlines the exchange of medical, imaging, and billing records.

ChartRequest Partnership Options to Fit Your Needs

ChartRequest is a purpose-built solution to streamline the secure, compliant release and retrieval of patient medical, imaging, and billing records.
We understand that your needs may vary based on your organization’s size, specialty, and several other factors, so we’ve tailored our partnership solutions to fit the diverse needs of healthcare professionals across the country.

What Can ChartRequest Do for You?

No matter the size or specialty of your organization, ChartRequest has a release of information solution for you!

Boost ROI Turnaround Times

The release of information is challenging, and regulatory turnaround deadlines can strain teams without the right tools.
With ChartRequest, you can either select Self-Service to streamline your in-house ROI or Full-Service for a 5-day guarantee.
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time

Free Your Team for Other Tasks

On average, fulfillment of a request for medical, billing, or imaging records takes more than 2 hours. This is far too long.
With ChartRequest, you can streamline the process to save valuable staffing hours or let our experts completely automate ROI.
Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year

Keep Your Team Off the Phone

Phone calls from requestors to ask about the status of their requests can derail your team from making tangible ROI progress.
ChartRequest enables requestors to access real-time status updates online 24/7, so they no longer need to pick up a phone!
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

What Do Our Partners Think?

There’s a reason ChartRequest has achieved an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google with over 850 reviews!

What Happens After the Form Fill?

When you provide your information using the form on this page, you may set up a free, no-commitment consultation so a ChartRequest expert can assess your ROI needs and help you find a solution you need that fits your budget.

After submitting this form, expect these 3 steps:

Step 1

Our team will reach out to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you may schedule a consultation by using the calendar that appears after submitting this form.

Step 2

During this conversation, a member of our team will ask questions to assess your ROI needs, such as:
  • What EMR system do you use?
  • How many requests do you get per month on average?
  • How do you handle the release of information today?

Step 3

We’ll provide a recommendation based on your organization’s unique ROI needs and answer any questions you may have about ChartRequest.
As guardians of sensitive information, we will never sell nor share your data.

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