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Insourcing the release of information means processing medical records requests using your own team. Our ROI solution makes it easy for your medical staff to hit the ground running with health information exchange and care coordination. 

Determine the ROI needs of your organization

Healthcare organizations can vary wildly from the smallest private practices to the largest hospital groups. Despite their differences, they are all held to the same HIPAA standards that regulate the entire industry. 

Just like they have different capabilities, resources, and budgets, each medical practice has unique needs. The type of practice and number of patients contribute to the volume of incoming medical records requests. 

ROI requests generally come from patients, legal professionals, insurance agents, and other healthcare professionals. Specialization will generally impact the type of individuals submitting requests. For example, primary care physicians such as pediatricians, family care physicians, and internists are likely to receive most of their requests from healthcare providers and patients.

If your practice has been maintaining a log of medical records fulfillment, this is a good place to gain insight. Go back at least three months to determine the average number of monthly incoming requests. This information is essential for determining your best option.

Next, compare the number of monthly requests against the number of staff handling the requests. Ask them questions, such as:

  • How many hours do they spend every week processing requests?
  • How many calls do they field regarding new or existing requests?
  • Is there an existing protocol for organizing requests to ensure none exceed the HIPAA and/or state fulfillment deadlines?
  • Do they ever feel overwhelmed by bureaucratic duties?
  • How frequently do they realize they’ve made a mistake? (This could result in major fines for HIPAA violation if neglected).

Ask for honesty because this information is integral to improving their working environment. Proud employees may not want to admit the extent of their struggles, so explain that your goal is to reduce stress and improve efficiency. 

Communicate with your medical staff

Once you select the top medical records exchange software to insource the release of protected health information, you need to prioritize catching your employees up to speed. Fortunately, ChartRequest was designed to streamline the entire process to make HIPAA-compliant health information exchange quick and easy.

Our Self-Service subscription plan empowers your staff to process more requests in less time. Without using specialized software, we’ve found that a single medical records request, including the time spent fielding phone calls for status updates, can take upwards of 2 hours to complete. With ChartRequest, this can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

By this point in the process, relevant staff should already be aware of the upcoming change. They may worry about the change, especially if they’ve been handling requests the same way for years. Reassure them that this change will make the ROI process easier.

Next, be clear and specific about what changes will take place. Once you sign up, we highly advise against fulfilling PHI requests outside our platform. Every time a ChartRequest user interacts with a request on either end, our software automatically logs the input. This information protects you and your staff in the event of an audit.

To provide an opportunity to begin understanding the software before it is implemented, direct your employees to our support page. Here, we provide videos and instructions to help new users learn the ropes. With some proactivity, your staff will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as the software is integrated. 

Reach out to learn more

Even if you are still undecided on whether adopting ROI software is right for you, reach out to some of the top companies for more information. The right choice will listen to your unique needs and work with you to determine the best option.

The best way to do this is via video conferencing programs like Zoom. It’s easier to communicate complex information with visual cues. Additionally, screen sharing allows the representative to provide a preview of the software.

Before you reach out, prepare some questions to ask the representative. Common questions include:

  • Can this platform integrate with my EHR system?
  • How long does it take to complete integration?
  • How complicated is the platform for requestors?
  • Is the software secure and up-to-date on HIPAA compliance requirements?
  • Is there built-in coverage in the case of a breach?

The sooner you select your ROI platform of choice, the sooner you can boast simpler requests and faster turnaround times. What are you waiting for?

ChartRequest is a modern release of information and care coordination solution designed with our many unique user types in mind. Patients, legal professionals, and medical workers each enjoy a different user interface to streamline their essential workflows. This helps ensure that everybody who uses our services has a positive experience.

By integrating ChartRequest, you can empower your staff to fulfill more requests in less time. This allows them to focus those valuable ad

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