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Athena Health

Does your organization use athenahealth’s electronic health records service?


As an athenahealth marketplace partner, ChartRequest offers streamlined and secure ROI workflows thanks to our integration with athenaClinicals® EHR.

By leveraging the athenaClinicals® API, ChartRequest automatically retrieves requested medical and billing records, which are then ready for review by either our staff or your in-house staff. This eliminates manual records retrieval and results in a faster, more secure release of information workflow.
Features of our service include:
  • Fully programmatic medical and billing records retrieval
  • Documents are automatically spooled and ready for review
  • Embedded HIPAA-compliant PDF editor
  • Enhanced security
  • No downloading or uploading of medical records needed
  • Streamlined workflows for a faster turnaround time
Watch this video to see how easy release of medical and billing information is with ChartRequest and athenahealth:

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