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Looking for a Ciox Health alternative?

ChartRequest makes it easy to streamline your Release of Information workflow process.

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ChartRequest Features

On Demand

On-Demand Enterprise Dashboards & Reports

Manage settings across multiple locations within your organization. Use our reports to stay informed on hourly, weekly, and monthly performance against key metrics including number of requests fulfilled and turnaround time

SAML Active Directory Integration

Requestors & custodians can securely manage user access with our SAML Active Directory integration. SAML integration helps your employees complete their work more efficiently and reduces security threats.

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Multi-Location SSO

Requestors & custodians can access and process requests faster with Single Sign-On (SSO) via Google Sign-In and Active Directory. Authorized users can view multiple locations within an organization without juggling multiple users credentials.

Enterprise Request Routing

Improve efficiency by automatically routing specific requests to the appropriate location within your organization. Route requests by type, requestor, or patient.


Smart Alerts

Set up alerts that notify you when certain requests are submitted to your organization. You can control what types of requests trigger alerts, as well as the frequency of notifications.

Mobile iOS Application

Make it easy for patients to submit and track their medical records requests on the go via ChartRequest’s mobile app.

We Take Care of Providers So They Can Take Care of Their Parents

Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

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