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Benefits of ChartRequest

Release of Information

Avoid Information Blocking with Blisteringly Fast Turnaround

All patients have the legal right to request their medical, billing, and imaging records, but the release of information doesn’t need to be a burden.

Your team can save up to 2 hours per request with our ROI software or even eliminate the process entirely, reducing the burdens of hiring and enabling you to reassign ROI staff into more valuable roles


Automate the calculation of your best compliant pricing, invoice delivery, and payment collection for each billable request, and drive ROI revenue from the red to the black with our 99+% collection rate.

Improve Organizational Compliance

Avoid steep civil and financial penalties by simplifying your organization’s compliance with HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the Cures Act, the Right of Access Initiative, and all other relevant regulations.

See EHR Exchange with ChartRequest in Action

ChartRequest streamlines the release of information so your team can focus on providing your patients with top-of-the-line care. Watch our short video to see how it works:

What is ChartRequest
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Reduce Your Staff’s Administrative Burden

If a position in your organization has a high turnover rate, try redesigning the job responsibilities to minimize the administrative work. Your team will be happier, and you can avoid hiring costs.

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See EHR Exchange with ChartRequest in Action

At ChartRequest, we care about our partners. By activating your account, you can increase revenue while reducing the burdensome administrative workload of medical records exchange. Here’s how it works!
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