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ModMed Momentum 2023

A business wellness event designed to help you refresh your goals, re-energize your staff and reimagine a better way. During your refreshing three-day stay in sunny Florida, you’ll have opportunities to learn how to create better balance in your professional and personal life and reinvest your time and efforts into maintaining that balance. Because a healthy practice is a successful practice.

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2023 athenahealth Thrive Conference

Thrive is unlike any other industry conference. It’s a comprehensive yet intimate experience, attended by health and marketing executives, people leaders, and more, who are facing similar challenges and driving to real results. ​Thrive tackles big topics like workplace culture and health, population engagement, patient acquisition, member experience, and more. Attendees gain actionable, real-life strategies for evolving programs and achieving positive outcomes.

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What is the Meaning of ROI in Medical Settings - Featured Image

What is the Meaning of ROI in Medical Settings?

If you’ve made your way to this article, you likely want to learn more about the meaning of ROI in medical settings. After all, the financial acronym of ROI as return on investment is far more well known. If you just found out there was a medical definition of ROI, you’re in the right place.

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