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Relieve your release of information headaches with the top-rated solution

Join our nationwide network of healthcare professionals who achieve faster turnaround times, easier compliance with state and federal regulations, fewer fax machine frustrations, and countless other benefits that reduce the stress of sharing protected health information.
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We Know How Hard You Work to Get Records Out Fast

That’s why ChartRequest is purpose-built to solve the most common challenges release of information professionals face day-to-day, protect organizations from the most common HIPAA violation pitfalls, and centralize operations across any number of healthcare providers and locations.
The release of information is a deceptively burdensome responsibility, and it can be hard to truly understand the challenges for anybody who isn’t ingrained in the process. Properly sharing medical, billing, and imaging records in a way that honors the privacy, security, and access requirements of federal regulations is more than just printing and shipping, and large requests can take hours to retrieve, verify, and release.
Average Total of Staff Hours Saved Per Year
30 Days
Average Request Turnaround Time
Fewer Status Update Calls Per Request

See What Other Records Release Pros Say About Us

ChartRequest has achieved an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 800 reviews, and our featured healthcare provider partners at Mid Atlantic Retina and NY Orthopedics wanted to share their experience with us in a greater depth.
“Suddenly I was the one who could just get it all done. I didn’t have to wait for other people, I didn’t have to hunt anything down…”
“It’s definitely made things better for the patients… I think turnaround time is 2 days for patients, whereas if we were doing it, it would take two to three weeks…”

More Than Just a Software

With ChartRequest, you don’t only have access to the most easy-to-use software on the market. Our omni-channel support team is ready to provide you and your requestors with white-glove service via phone, email, or instant chat.
Additionally, patients who need to provide additional details or ask specific questions about their request can use the Provider Chat built into each request.
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Find Out Why Our Support Team Is Rated 4.8/5 Stars on Google With Over 800 Reviews!

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Partnering with ChartRequest is more affordable than you may think, and organizations of all sizes have joined our provider network.
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