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Online Bill Payment and COVID-19

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How electronic payment services can help minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

  • In-person billing and accepting cash payments during the medical records fulfillment workflow can contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Online bill payment in the release of medical records process protects requestors and staff from COVID-19.
  • You can easily accept online payments in your business with the ChartRequest platform.

There’s always a chance of spreading the coronavirus during the release of information process if you use in-person billing or accept cash payment. The good news is that if you implement online payment, you can eliminate the possibility of the virus spreading during the billing process.

Cash Payments Can Contribute to the Spread of COVID-19

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has healthcare businesses around the globe rethinking how they accept payment. This is because the physical exchange of cash, credit cards, or debit cards can contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. 

Recent news stories illustrate the growing concern surrounding the transmission of the virus through cash. CNBC reports that the U.S Federal Reserve increased the minimum holding period of bills coming from Europe and Asia from five to 10 days. Similarly, at the beginning of the pandemic, Forbes advised consumers to use online bill pay instead of paying in person or by check.

Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC — warns that handling cash may expose employees to the virus. It also states that businesses should encourage customers to use touchless payment options when available. 

Online Bill Payment Protects Requestors and Staff From COVID-19

Billing offers a critical opportunity to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus in the medical records fulfillment workflow. If you implement electronic payment services, your staff doesn’t have to touch handle paper invoices, cash, or debit and credit cards. 

There are further benefits to online bill payment. There’s less time involved in generating and processing invoices, which allows your staff to work more efficiently. Your business consumes less paper, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and lower costs. Additionally, you’ll save considerably on mailing costs. 

How to Accept Payments Online

You can easily solve the challenge of how to accept credit card payments online in the ROI process when you work with ChartRequest. Here’s how online payment works with our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform: 

When the requestor’s records are ready to be released, an automated billing process is triggered within the ChartRequest app. The requestor receives an email or text notification when their request is fulfilled. When they log into the app, they see a notification on their dashboard that their documents are ready. They also see a digital invoice they have to pay before they can access their order. Once they’ve entered their payment information at checkout, the electronic payment is securely processed and the documents are released.

Learn More About Contactless Release of Medical Information

It’s essential to protect your staff and requestors during this challenging time. Fortunately, contactless medical record fulfillment from ChartRequest allows you to perform the ROI process entirely online. You can manage every step virtually, from the initial request all the way to generating an invoice and billing the requestor. 

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