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Our goal at ChartRequest is to make the exchange of PHI quick and easy. We aim to break down data silos in healthcare by developing the fastest, most secure software solution possible. We hope you’re excited about what we have in store. 

Check out our latest updates to the ChartRequest platform.

Custodian Visibility Improvements

• The first name, last name, and phone number of your users will now be visible in the “View/Edit” section of your organization’s custodian page.

• The authorization and all supporting documents will now be visible in the authorization section of the QA (quality assurance) view.

Requestor Company Page

• “Email Settings” will no longer appear on the requestor company page.

Priced Requests

• The fax number and/or email address receiving medical records will now be visible for “Priced” requests.

• Users will now receive a statement each month that details all outstanding requests and bills.

Suggested Browser

• A banner will now be visible on the login page suggesting Google Chrome for users on the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Bug Fixes

• Unapproved custodians will no longer be visible in the drop-down list in the Enterprise Admin tab.

• Fixed a bug that removed Missouri (MO) from the state drop-down box in the “Add Card” section of the “Payments” page.

• Fixed minor user interface issues affecting walk-in request creation and care coordination request creation.

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