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Our goal at ChartRequest is to make the exchange of PHI quick and easy. We aim to break down data silos in healthcare by developing the fastest, most secure software solution possible. We hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s new. 

Check out our latest updates to the ChartRequest platform.

Existing Feature Enhancements

Enhancement 1: We’ve updated the government ID upload process to be easily accomplished either in-app or via mobile device. Once uploaded, this can be found in the “Supporting Documents” section of requests when relevant. Custodian partners also may now require government ID verification during the request process.

See the new Government ID Upload process in the ChartRequest platform.

Enhancement 2: Enhanced Custodian Work Queue visibility with a new “View Custodian List” button to help healthcare partners understand which custodians have existing requests in each work queue. The Custodian Work Queue user interface was also updated to meet our design standards.

Easily track your team’s success with our Custodian Work Queue.

Enhancement 3: Case Binder Pro professionals can manage request authorizations and other important documents using our new Document Center. Here, legal and insurance professionals can:

Issue Fixes

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